Just a short update, but today I picked up the 3D print of my swept hilt.


I’m very happy with the way it turned out, and seeing it in full size is really interesting. It’s definitely a great feeling to see something you’ve made, given an extra dimension.


In my hand, for scale.

But beyond seeing it go from SketchUp to a piece of plastic in my hands, I have the feeling of seeing it go from a picture of a historical artifact to something I can hold in my own hands, in real size, without worrying about tarnishing a priceless piece of history.

And I think that’s the power of 3D printing that’s on display here. It allows anyone to get a hands on experience with something historical, or to make something historical and distribute it to the rest of the world. I could make this after several weeks of playing around in SketchUp, imagine what a real pro could do. The possibilities are very exciting.