Now that I’ve made some good progress and learned quite a bit on how to properly create objects for 3D printing in SketchUp, I’ve decided to begin working on the next style I’d like to re-create: The Italian Swept Hilt.

Using the Wikimedia page for rapiers, I found some pictures of the style.

A picture of an Italian Swept Hilt from Wikimedia

A picture of an Italian Swept Hilt from Wikimedia. This one in particular caught my eye.

Of course this page has the same problem as before, there are no measurements, and not a lot of pictures detailing different angles. So I performed a web search for Italian Swept Hilt replicas which brought me to this review. On there are many pictures from a variety of angles, lots of measurements, but best of all:

This is almost exactly the same design!

This is almost exactly the same design!

As you can see, it looks very similar to the one posted on Wikipedia! This makes it a great base for my SketchUp model.

Looking at this design, and as someone who wants to save time, I immediately look at some of the similarities. And there are quite a few, the cross guard is fairly similar albeit shorter, there is a guard over the hand across from the grip, and there is the round piece over the blade. I was expecting some commonalities between the blades, but it seems like between at least this design and the Spanish Cup Hilt, there seems to be a base that can be worked from.

With the new knowledge of SketchUp I’m armed with, I’m excited to get going on this new hilt.